FIY-Flower it Yourself

Our workshops are a great way to get together with friends and spend a few hours playing with flowers, sipping wine and munching on some tasty treats. We provide all the flowers and materials you’ll need for a fun afternoon learning how to work with flowers, catching up with or meeting new friends and send you home with a memorable floral arrangement to enhance your home!

FIY is for flower-it-yourself. Our workshops are open to all. No experience required.

              It's officially 2020 and this year, we are doing things a little differently. This year we will be focusing on Workshops - a fun, one time event for you to have fun with flowers and friends, and Mastery Classes. As stated above, these workshops are meant for those who want to gather with friends over flowers and learn something new and have a beautiful piece to take home. All of our workshops are 2 hours are a meant for every level of designer. If you are looking to further your skills, and want more than a fun event, please go to our Mastery Classes where we have more in depth classes to help build your floral dreams.


As you sit and create, we'll have one of our highly trained teachers assist you in creating a design of your choice and help you personally, piece by piece put together a beautiful seasonal bouquet for your home.
Saturday, April 11th
10am to 12
Spring Centerpiece Workshop

It's finally Spring and what better way to celebrate than gathering together and playing with all the local, fresh spring blooms.

Choose from Flowering Dogwood, Double Peach Daffodils, velvety minty Lambsear and more to create a lovely spring centerpiece for your table. 

Designing from Your Garden
Using the delicate, fresh blooms popping up everywhere, this weekend we get to play with flowers again and learn how to work with these fabulous colors that are coming out of our very own yards.
Highlighting foliage and flowers from the Pacific NW, you'll learn how to look for seasonal blooms as well as how to care for them, varities to plant and how to shape them into a striking, garden bouquet.
Saturday, May 16th
10am to 12
A Little Soiree in the Garden...
Starting in June and then extending through the Summer, we will be hosting a lovely little Happy Hour and Hand Tie in our garden.
Join us on friday evenings for festive summer flower arranging and cocktails and treats! We've teamed up with our in house chef to create a summer, outdoor happy hour to relax, laugh, play with flowers , sip & munch in our intimate garden space.
Dates are coming, but please let us know if you'd like to join and we'll send you a personal invitation the moment dates are selected. As it is a small space, seats are limited.
$95 a person includes a bouquet, 2 seasonal cocktails and locally farmed and foraged treats by Plume pdx.
More Seasonally Inspired Workshops and Classes posted soon!
If looking for a more in depth class go to -
Mastery Classes

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