Slowflower Podcast

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

We are excited to launch Flowerschool Portland. [june 2018]

Our goal is to deliver on-trend, innovative and inspirational floral design instruction to professionals that wish to up their game, to aspiring floral designers and to those that want to FIY (flower it yourself) it. We invite and encourage participants from around the globe to join us here in Portland, Oregon to learn, create, and smile.

Our master classes, workshops, and professional series are open to all and are guaranteed to provide a unique experience to the senses. The setting is inspired, our classes will include scrumptious food, delicious beverages and most of all, our team is professional, über talented, and always welcoming.

We are proud to be a supporter of the Slow Flower movement and to source US Grown flowers and to buy local whenever we possibly can. The result of buying local is that our class participants get to design with the freshest, most seasonal flowers and foliage available. That means, safer to handle, super fresh, and definitely beautiful.

Thank you to Debra Prinzing for featuring us as a guest on the Slow Flower Podcast. We hope you take a few minutes to tune-in here at