Françoise Weeks Master Class ~ Completed 2018

Tuesday October 9 – Woodlands For Françoise, the Woodlands sprouted from a childhood memory that took a life of its own. Using foliage, bark, berries, seedpods, twigs, mushrooms, herbs and some flowers, she’ll explain how to make woodland bouquets as well as centerpieces

Wednesday October 10 – Botanical Couture We’ll explore different ideas for botanical headpieces and will discuss sourcing materials and the mechanics involved to create a variety of these unique designs. The afternoon session will focus on botanical jewelry.

Floral designers who wish to explore and expand on their creativity pursuits will benefit greatly by studying with Françoise. Her signature woodlands and botanical couture styles will introduce a new way of looking at materials, both fresh and hard-goods, to every designer. In each of the workshops the mechanics behind the scenes will be discussed and practiced in depth, as Françoise is known for building strong & sturdy foundations to her floral designs. Françoise has a vast set of techniques, mechanics, and secrets to teach, but encourages you to pursue your own ideas when inspiration strikes. She works through projects with you, and assists with the intricate mechanics so that you can focus your time and efforts on exploring designs and creating multiple pieces.