Mastery Classes

 Our mastery classes are always open to everyone, but are focused on those who are wanting to build their craft. They are for those who are looking to professionally develop their floral design skills. These are not state credited courses, nor can they promise to provide specific job training. What we can promise, is that we are here for you; to develop your floral artist skills; to connect you with other professionals in the community; and to learn how to take those beautiful floral dreams you have and turn them into reality.


During these classe we will sweep you off to a beautiful setting that will fill your soul and mind with new inspired floral dreams.
We will feed you delicious food, and offer you a steaming cup of tea, or a sparking glass of wine. Here, you will experience the sights, the sounds, the smells of floral design at its best.

              It's officially 2020 and this year, we are doing things a little differently. This year we will be focusing on Workshops - a fun, one time event for you to have fun with flowers and friends, and Mastery Classes. As stated above, these classes are designed for those of you interested in pursuing your floral dreams more than just a weekend event. Each class is 4 hours long and will be catered with seasonal treats and drinks by our in house chef, Plume pdx. 
All of the classes listed below are created to help you grow as a florist and hone your craft. Whether you are a professional looking to brush up or interested in becoming one, these courses are for you...



The Mechanics of Floral Design

There is a lot that goes into floral design besides the flowers. There are tips and skills that can be learned to help any budding florist have the capability and in depth understanding of design elements on how to create a balanced, appealing, well designed arrangement. 

In this class you will learn the mechanics of working with different styles of vases and what best materials to use inside, how to create striking and stable hand ties, and into the larger mechanics of easels, swags and arches, and garlands. 

Again for this class, you need to have taken our Intro to Floral Design (or Floral 101 from last year) or have equivalent experience.

Temporily Closed due to COVID 19. 



Composition, Scale & Color

Here is the next step to the world of floral design. We will be looking deeper into what makes a beautiful arrangement and a closer look into the technical design elements used to create these large, garden designs.

Some prior classes or experience are crucial for this class, as we will be building on design techniques and theory. We recommend an intro to floral design and a mechanics course or experience.

In this class, you'll be learning in depth tools of color theory, a variety of scales and what types of flowers work better for different sized arrangements, the variety of compositions you can create and why.


At the end of this course, you will have the chance to display and discuss the specific design elements you've chosen for your own bouquet as well as here from others on what and why of their own arrangements. 

Temporily Closed due to COVID 19. 


The Wedding : His & Hers

Next you will get to build your portfolio by showing off your bouquet with a bride and a sweetheart table with your personal designs. Each student will get proffesional photos of their work. 

And of course, as you create, Plume pdx will have a wedding inspired snacking board and a seasonal cocktail for you to sip!

Note: This is a longer class than most, as it will run between 4 1/2 -5 hours.

Photos by Gallivan Photo

Temporily Closed due to COVID 19. 

It's almost wedding season here in the Pacific Northwest and that means it's time to hone in our wedding floral skills!

This is another special class as it will be part arrangement and design time and part styled shoot. For the first part of this class you'll be learning how to create a stunning bridal bouquet, followed by a boutonniere and corsage.

Upcoming Mastery Classes



Intro to Floral Design

If you missed our first round of this class in the winter, here is another chance to take it. If you have ever wanted an in depth and personal class to learn how to design with flowers, this is the perfect class to start! Many of our other mastery courses require this class as a prerequisite (or equal experience) so this is a good course to take.

Exact Date TBD in June 2020


 The Wedding : The Party 

Join us to the follow up of the His & Hers Class with a Reception focused Design Class and Styled Shoot. With this class we'll create a table centerpiece, lovely satelights, a garland and then all come together to create a show stopping altar.

We will again be having a styled model and photographer to document your work and then all sit down together for a beautiful lunch!

Date TBD in June 2020



Advanced Floral Design

We'll go deeper into floral design with larger bouquets and more challenging compositions and colors. 

This 4 hour class will stretch and grow your inner artist.

Date TBD in July 2020

Photo by Love Lit Wedding Photography



More Seasonal Classes for Summer

Coming Soon


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