Mastery Classes

 Our mastery classes are always open to everyone, but are focused on those who are wanting to build their craft. They are for those who are looking to professionally develop their floral design skills. These are not state credited courses, nor can they promise to provide specific job training. What we can promise, is that we are here for you; to develop your floral artist skills; to connect you with other professionals in the community; and to learn how to take those beautiful floral dreams you have and turn them into reality.


During these classe we will sweep you off to a beautiful setting that will fill your soul and mind with new inspired floral dreams.
We will feed you delicious food, and offer you a steaming cup of tea, or a sparking glass of wine. Here, you will experience the sights, the sounds, the smells of floral design at its best.


Dear Floral Friends,
We miss you all dearly and are extremely disappointed to have to cancel our classes for this season.
We hope, as things become safer, to reopen. However, until then, we need to remain closed.
We promise to let you know as soon as things change.
We miss playing with flowers with you!
Your friends at Flower School Portland
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